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Opal” originates from the Latin word “Opalus”, meaning to gather the essence of every gem into one. The ancient Romans called opal the “Queen of Gems” because it encompasses the colors of all the other gems.

HAFARS aims to offer an astonishing choice other than crystalline jewelry.
HAFARS believes the unique flashing features and colorfulness of opal jewelry is the best choice to distinguish each woman different character and charm. The beautiful “Play of colors” has provided a more characterized jewelry preference and made each piece of HAFARS jewelry to be unique.

To cater the needs of being unique, HAFARS launched two exclusive collections.

O’Bello is unique with its beautiful color change and innovative design approach. With O’Bello, HAFARS offers a surprise to jewelry lovers who are keen on playing with the colors of fashion to impress.

O’Pearl is the fusion of elegance and passion. HAFARS has
adopted a modern approach to the pearl jewelry design and production. It incorporated new material like opal into its design and to make pearl more fashionable and more creative. O’Pearl is an exclusive collection which caters the need of being unique. It is a brand new choice for jewelry lovers, especially woman whom are exhibiting both characters.

Other than
the two exclusive opal collections, HAFARS also have collection featuring with classic majestic pearl. HAFARS pearl jewelry reminiscent the allurement of South Sea Pearl.

Synthetic Opal
Each piece of HAFARS jewelry is designed with synthetic opal.


Synthetic opal
(GIA: Polymer Impregnated synthetic opal) is impregnated in laboratory in around a year and has similar poperties as that of natural opal. The main difference with natural opal is that the naturally occurring process has been sped up in the laboratory. This beautiful synthetic opal has
revealed the beauty of Precious Opal.

Most colors of synthetic opal are exclusively supplied by Sanwa Pearl & Gems Limited.

Classic majestic pearls
Classic majestic pearls which we used are the finest quality shell pearl from Japan. They are produced using the latest Japanese technology. The heart of the pearl has a shell nucleus. Chemical pearl liquid is coated onto the shell nucleus one layer at a time, until the coating has a “cultured pearl” appearance. Classic majestic pearls reflect perfect harmony, conforming to the lavish colours and brilliance of nature.


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